Automatic Transmission Parts Categories

Internal Automatic Transmission parts used during rebuilding can be grouped into categories. The overhaul kit, or rebuild kit, consists of what are generally known as soft parts. It includes those components that wear or deteriorate over time or through normal use. These components are generally composed of materials other metals such as steel or aluminum. They include paper and fibrous materials such as gaskets, polymer materials such as seals, plastic parts such as washers, and composite frictional components such as clutches and bands. If you are discussing costs with an automatic transmission service and repair facility, and they give you prices while using the specific terms soft parts rebuild or overhaul and/or basic rebuild or overhaul, it is highly likely that only these parts will be included in the rebuild (or overhaul as some call it), and that many other expensive parts, called hard parts, will be required to complete the repair. These additional expenses are almost always presented to the customer after the transmission has been removed from the vehicle and completely disassembled. No matter how unreasonable you may find the additional costs, your only viable option at this point is usually to submit to extortion the additional expenses. If you follow these tips, you can usually avoid hard parts charges. In some situations, any parts not included in the automatic transmission rebuild kit, or rebuild kit, could be considered to be a hard part, and could generate additional expenses, if worn or damaged.

Are these Hard Parts or Soft Parts?

The next category includes those parts that are considered by some to be soft parts and others to be hard parts. This category consists of those metal components that wear very slowly over time but do not otherwise deteriorate or usually get damaged from contamination ot during failure. This list is considered by some to be optional, with replacement depending on whether the parts will outlast the warranty period. The list includes Babbitt and bronze bushings and washers, bearings, sprags, springs, and some valve body components. Sometimes clutches and bands can be considered part of this group, because some original equipment clutches and bands can last 500,000 miles, and it may be preferred over aftermarket replacements. How you categorize them is not important. Whether or not these transmission parts will be replaced during a rebuild is very important, as it is a critical factor of the quality of the repair service or automatic transmission overhaul. This is why Suburban Transmissions gives a worst case scenario price up front that includes all potential parts to be included in the overhaul.