Nissan Maxima and Quest Automatic Transmission Service and Repair

Automatic transmissions in the Nissan Maxima, Quest and Altima for 2004 and later models can begin showing problems in as few as 45,000 miles. The specific cars affected have the 5 speed automatic transmission, the AW55-50SN. The unreliability of this transmission lies in stark contrast to its predecessor, the RE4F04A, a 4 speed automatic transmission. Introduced in 1992 and installed in the Maxima, Quest, and Altima with DOHC engines, this transmission has been much more dependable over the years.

nissan transmission valve body

Maxima and Quest Transmission Valve Body

Most of the problems within the 5 speed automatics stem from the Valve Body, the hydraulic control mechanism within the transmission. Symptoms surface when its barrel-shaped spool valves wear out their bores over time, allowing internal pressure losses in the hydraulic circuits. The good news is that, in most cases, replacing the Valve Body corrects the transmission problem, and costs much less than a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission. The new Valve Body should allow the transmission to operate for at least as long as the original period. We install a special synthetic fluid that slows the wear rate on the new Valve Body, so it should actually last longer than the first time around. In addition, we only install dealer OEM valve bodies as the remanufactured units that are available are known to have common issues.

nissan maxima transmission solenoids

New Nissan Valve Body and Solenoids

When servicing a Maxima or Quest we only install a brand new valve body, which is an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) part, and comes from the Nissan Dealership. Although the solenoids rarely fail on this type of transmission, the new Valve Body includes the benefit of all new electronic solenoids. There are times when a Valve Body does not correct all of the problems. This usually happens when the customer has not brought the car in for transmission service or repair soon enough. If we install a Valve Body into your vehicle, and the transmission problem reoccurs within 6 months of driving, we apply the entire amount originally spent towards an overhaul or transmission replacement, although most Nissan dealerships and transmission repair shop probably won’t make this offer. This ensures that you are not wasting your money by replacing the valve body.