Caravan, Voyager, Town & Country Automatic Transmission Service

This transmission has 5 design flaws that commonly lead to failure. The use of the term OEM refers to a Dodge, Plymouth, or Chrysler manufacturer or authorized rebuilder. The Torque Converter commonly fails due to design flaws in the hydraulic systems that control the Torque Converter Clutch application. We install a redesigned valve manufactured by Sonnax that produces proper application under all conditions.

Planetary Gear Carrier Set

604 transmissions are unusually hard on the Front Planetary Gear Carrier. The torque wears the carrier splines as well as the Pinion Gear Bearings. Even at 80,000 miles, the original carrier can show considerable wear. We install a new OEM dealer carrier package on all transmissions. The latest gear sets have hardened splines to eliminate wear and the package also includes a new hub with hardened splines. This prevents the wear from happening at such a quick pace.

A rubber seal in the Input Clutch Housing is susceptible to wear from the Clutch Piston. This can cause leakage at the seal and subsequent clutch failure. We install a Teflon sealing ring in place of the rubber seal. The Teflon ring, made by TransGo, has a redesigned shape and cannot be worn by the Clutch Piston.

The bearing located between the rear carrier and Sun gear is prone to failure, which leads to total gear set failure. An upgraded bearing is included in the bearing kit that we install in all of our transmissions.

Differential Carrier Pin

The Carrier Pin that supports the Spider Gears in the Differential Carrier has a tendency to sheer its roll pin. If this occurs, the Carrier Pin can slide out of position during operation and crack the transmission housing (case). This usually results in a lack of movement and a substantial loss of transmission fluid. This problem can be prevented by bolting on retaining brackets, which we utilize on all our A604 transmissions.

Broken Transmission Case Housing Core Charge

It is important to note that if your transmission housing is broken, many transmission remanufacturers and installers, including the OEM dealer, will charge you an additional Core charge. This charge covers the cost of acquiring a replacement housing. If you suspect your transmission housing is damaged, make sure you mention it when inquiring about a price for repair or replacement, otherwise the repair facility may surprise you with a $300.00-$600.00 core charge. Because we carry an extensive supply of transmission housings, we can usually save you this core expense if your housing is cracked.