Maintenance of Transmission Fluid

When is the last time you checked your transmission fluid level? Before you answer, please read again. When is the last time YOU checked your transmission fluid level?

Your transmission may be low of fluid for a number of reasons:

Although you may not have a noticeable leak, you can still lose fluid over time.

Quick lube centers are not required to check the transmission fluid level during maintainence on vehicles manufactured without an accessible dipstick.

Automotive service centers might not check the level unless you specifically request it.

Transmission mythology has recently added fictional phrases such as “not serviceable” and “lifetime fill”.

Most vehicles have an easily accessible dipstick and tube, and it only requires a couple minutes to check the transmission fluid. You should have it checked during an oil change. It is not an unreasonable request to ask to personally observe the process.

Some vehicles do not have accessible dipsticks and should be checked by a professional. If checking your transmission fluid cannot be easily done, make sure you at least have it checked at least once a year. Do the maintainence the week of your birthday or anniversary. I know this does not sound very scientific, but you are more likely to remember if you set it as an important date.