Nissan Murano Transmission is a CVT Transmission

The Nissan Murano transmission is a CVT transmission, which differs from the more common planetary gear type. This type of transmission, which comes in the Nissan Murano as well as many other cars and SUVs, uses 2 dynamically adjustable pulleys which are coupled via a special drive belt comprised of hundreds of steel links. You can also find the CVT transmission in the Nissan Altima and the Nissan Maxima. These vehicles are all notorious for failure at relatively low mileage. The Nissan Rogue has a CVT transmission in it as well.

Nissan Murano Remanufactured Transmission

A common problem with the Nissan Murano transmission is failure of the stepper motor, usually requiring a remanufactured transmission as a replacement. In the past, the manufacturer did not make replacement parts available for this transmission, so producing a rebuilt CVT or a remanufactured CVT was difficult. At the time, many companies were selling transmissions as remanufactured, but those units did not usually last very long, because crucial parts were not available. For this reason, we choose to install only new Nissan transmissions, and some subsequent remanufactured Nissan transmissions, as some replacement units have been phased out by the manufacturer.

Price and Cost of Nissan Murano Transmission

The total cost to replace a Nissan Murano transmission is $3467; this price includes all parts, labor, fluid, and taxes. We purchase these transmissions directly from Nissan, and the warranty covers all parts and labor. Included in the price of your Nissan Murano transmission is the assurance that all nuts, bolts, brackets, clamps, hoses, and wires will be installed back onto the Murano just as they were from the factory. The Nissan Murano cost includes the guarantee that there will be no leaks, noises, or rattles along with a perfectly operating transmission.