Nissan Altima Transmission Service and Repair in Maryland

We have found that in Maryland, Nissan Altima transmissions with a V6 engine may start having problems in as little as 70,000 miles. The transmission type is the AW55-50SN, manufactured by Aisin. Installation of this 5 speed automatic transmission into the Altima began in 2004, with earlier years having the 4 speed RE4F04A unit. Careful diagnosis is important on these transmissions, because remanufactured replacement is not generally required in the Maryland area. It should be noted that a new transmission is not available from the Nissan dealer and that all transmissions are either overhauled or rebuilt.

Altima Transmission Valve Body Problems for Maryland

Most transmission issues associated with the Nissan Altima are caused by a worn valve body, which controls the flow of transmission fluid pressure. Problems begin as the internal valves wear out the valve body bores over time, which causes too much of the fluid pressure to move around the valves. An accurate way to confirm the problem is that it usually only happens as the car warms up. Here in Maryland, Nissan Altima transmissions can dissipate much heat in the winter, so the problem may not be as severe, or take longer to appear while driving. The ability to drive the car when both cold and hot is quite helpful in confirming a transmission valve body problem. If the valve body is determined to be the issue, the best solution is to replace it with a new factory unit, which can be purchased at the Nissan dealer. There are remanufactured valve bodies available, but we have found these to be problematic, and only purchase new units directly from Nissan dealerships in Maryland.

Altima Transmission Solenoid Problems in Maryland

New valve bodies also include all new electronic shift solenoids, an added bonus. Solenoids do not often fail on the Nissan Altima transmissions we rebuild in Maryland, but good if they are replaced. If a shifting problem persists after the valve body has been installed, it is nice to be able to rule out the solenoids as the cause. Please read over our other Nissan page, as it contains relevant information about this transmission, which is also used in the Maxima and Quest. Problems described there are the same as those for the Altima transmission, including the solenoid and valve body troubles.