Acura MDX Automatic Transmission Repair Service in Maryland

Automatic transmission problems are a common concern on the Acura MDX, which was introduced with a 3.5 L V-6 engine and a five speed automatic transmission. The MDX is popular in Maryland, and repair is often necessary due to the unique design, causing them to experience transmission shifting and slipping problems. The automatic transmission frictional clutches are limited in diameter, which can cause accelerated wear. The transmission case housings can be prematurely worn out by the gear shaft bearing, which often leads to repair or remanufactured replacement.

Electrical Solenoid and Switch Problems on Honda Odyssey and Acura MDX

Most problems occurring in Acura MDX and Odyssey transmissions are in the 5 speed units. Many times it is quite apparent that the unit has major internal problems, although a diagnosis by a professional technician should always be performed before service repair is initiated. There are those times when a Honda or Acura experiences slipping that is minor or intermittent, which may be caused by a failing clutch pressure switch or shift solenoid, used by the computer controller to determine proper shifting adaptive algorithms. If there is any question as to whether or not these switches or shift solenoids are causing one or more of the gears to slip on an Odyssey or MDX, it is advisable to install new pressure switches or solenoids and recheck the transmission operation before any other repair or remanufactured replacement installation is initiated.

Honda Odyssey Electrical Solenoid Switch Problems

Not to get your hopes up, but the transmission service or repair problem on your Honda Odyssey may not be as costly as you think. Most of the Odyssey minivans that come into shops need major repair, but some have simple electrical problems. Before condemning the transmission, make sure the service technician checks to see if the clutch pressure switches or solenoids may be causing the underlying slipping or shifting problem. Suburban Transmissions routinely replaces these and offers to provide a credit of the cost of these repairs towards an overhaul of the transmission if problems persist, thus taking away the risk.

Acura MDX Overheating Problem

A common problem with the Acura MDX is that the transmission will overheat, especially on long trips. Overheating an MDX transmission is caused by an unlocked torque converter. The torque converter is controlled by the transmission, but the transmission is controlled by the onboard computer, also known as the TCM and/or ECM. It may be that the transmission and electronics are fine, but that the converter is being commanded to unlock by the ECM. This unlocking causes damage to the torque converter and can result in the complete failure of the transmission.

Overheating Problem May Be Related To Speed

While this issue may damage the transmission, the transmission may not be the actual problem. Sometimes the transmission may break down multiple times and then you definately have to look further. This happens when the accelerator pedal is pushed past a certain point. At 70 mph, you may be fine, because the torque converter stays locked. At 80, however, you may be giving it enough pedal to command the disengagement. It usually happens when you are towing and/or going up long inclines at higher speeds. A high mileage engine can also cause the problem at high speeds, because it might be a little tired. A malfunctioning throttle position sensor or mass airflow sensor can also get the engine controller to unlock the torque converter.