Heavy Duty Transmissions for Ford Diesel Trucks

There are a number of transmission parts that can be upgraded within a Ford truck transmission to increase its performance and durability. Heavy duty hardened internal transmission parts include the Input Shaft, Inter

te Shaft, Output Shaft, Billet Overdrive Planetary Gear Housing, and Billet Forward Clutch Drum. A Heavy Duty or High-Performance torque converter is the most common upgrade for 4R100 and E4OD Ford truck transmissions, and are always included with our units. Ford trucks with a turbocharged Powerstroke diesel engine typically produce over 500 ft-lbs of torque, while modified Power Stroke engines typically produce 700 to 800 ft-lbs of torque. High amounts of torque can exceed the design limits of internal parts such as the input shaft, inter

te shaft, and output shaft. Excessive torque can also break the overdrive planetary gear housing and shear out the splines on the forward clutch drum.