Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute Automatic Transmissions

The Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute both utilize the CD4E automatic transmission. The CD4E is also used in the Ford Contour and Mazda 626. These transmissions have a number of issues including loss of forward, no second gear, no third gear, and torque converter clutch failure. All of these failures stem from problems within the valve body, which is the control mechanism within the transmission.

Broken Ford Escape Input Drum Assembly

A loss of forward motion is generally caused by a broken input drum assembly. The vehicle may or may not still move if the shifter is placed in the low gear position. This failure occurs when a malfunction of the pressure control circuit causes a severe spike in operating pressure. This excessive pressure stresses the drum, causing it to fail. A pressure spike can also break the band, causing loss of the second and fourth gear. To correct problems within the valve body, we install a TransGo upgrade package. This kit tackles the problem from two directions. It upgrades the pressure control system, reducing the likelihood of a pressure spike. It also includes a failsafe valve which bleeds off excess pressure should a pressure spike occur. That way, no pressure spike will damage the band.

Torque Converter Problems on Ford Escape Transmissions

Torque converter clutch problems are caused by excessive bore wear within the transmission valve body on the Ford Escape. Early signs of a torque converter clutch malfunction are the illumination of warning lights and a noticeable drop in fuel economy, especially on the highway. Installing upgraded valves manufactured by Sonnax will permanently correct the valve body problems. If torque converter clutch problems are addressed early on, proper transmission function can be restored without replacing the torque converter or removing the transmission.

High Line Pressure Breaks the Transmission Band on Ford Escape

The CD4E transmission frequently exhibits such symptoms as lube failure, harsh shifts and solenoid line pressure instability. Wear of the pressure regulator balance circuit creates high line pressure. High line pressure can result in a broken clutch drum, causing no forward movement, and can also break the transmission band, causing no second or fourth gear. High line pressure positions the valve in such a way that reduces the flow into the converter/cooler circuits. If the vehicle goes into failsafe, the lube circuit can be shut off completely on the OEM design valve. The OEM converter regulator valve shuts off cooler/converter flow at 90 to 100 PSI. Sonnax offers a pressure regulator valve kit, with a converter regulator valve and PR valve that work together to limit converter pressure, ensuring continuous flow during a failsafe condition.