Transmission Cooler for Ford F-150 and F-250 Trucks in the Maryland Area

Install a transmission cooler is one of the best improvements that can be made to a Ford F-150 or F-250 truck that is operated in the Maryland area, where temperatures can get very high in the summertime. When discussing the improvement in the durability of Ford F-150 transmissions, there are noticeable differences that should be considered between the terms "heavy-duty" and "high-performance". Heavy-duty 4R100 transmission usage is best defined as using a truck for towing or hauling heavy loads up Maryland's long and steep inclines. High performance should be used to describe a Ford F-150 whose engine has been modified to increase the overall torque or horsepower output. The best improvement that can be done for heavy-duty use is to increase the capacity of the transmission cooling system. Many Ford trucks in the Maryland area will already have an external cooler installed from the factory, but the standard capacity of the unit is often limited. Upgrading the cooling capacity involves installing an external transmission fluid cooler in-line with the existing unit, located in the radiator. When an external cooler already exists, it can either be replaced with a larger unit, or a second cooler can be installed that would run in series or in parallel with the existing cooler.

F-150 Transmission Shift and Torque Converter Upgrades for Maryland Use

Upgrades to be considered for high-performance use in Maryland are to increase the internal pressure within the transmission by installing a line pressure boost valves that has a higher ratio. Raising the boost pressure within a transmission increases the torque carrying capacity for both the gear shifting elements and also the torque converter clutch. For best results, both of these upgrades should be considered on Ford F-150 trucks that are going to be operated in an overloaded capacity. Many companies in Maryland use their Ford trucks for commercial use, and the extra weight can cause the transmission to slip or shift softly. Installing aftermarket components made by Sonnax will help firm up the shifts, which increases durability for the 4R100.

Ford F-150 Truck Transmission Performance and Durability on the 4R100

Many Ford F-150 truck owners in Maryland inquire as to how to best improve the performance and durability of their automatic transmission, especially for heavy duty use and or towing. The 4R100 is the latest version of the original E4OD transmission, and includes a number of updates and fixes to correct issues that have plagued these transmissions throughout the years. , when operating properly, the transmission delivers excellent performance and is quite durable. As the truck owner increases the total mileage of the Ford F-150, certain components within the transmission will begin to wear over time, usually the internal spool valves located within the valve body. Worn or sticking valves within the valve body are detrimental to transmission performance and the effects can usually be recognized by the driver, allowing corrective measures to be taken before permanent damage is done.

Valve Body Repair for Ford F-150 Trucks

These valves are also known to stick on high mileage Ford trucks, which can cause problems with gears slipping while the transmission is shifting as well as torque converter clutch application. In some cases a valve can stick open which can cause an F-150 truck to skip over a gear, or to freewheel into neutral. If the driver begins to notice the problem early on, measures can be taken to correct these shifting problems and prevent other issues in the future. The best approach is to repair the valve body, as opposed to replacing it. The recommended repair service for these problems includes replacing the shift valves and line pressure boost valves with upgraded components made by companies such as Sonnax. The Sonnax replacement transmission components are made from materials specifically designed for the 4R100 to alleviate these shifting issues. These components can be replaced without removing the transmission from the Ford F-150 truck and the work can usually be done within a couple hours. During the repair service, the transmission fluid is replaced as well.

4R100 Transmission Pulling Off Slowly or in a Higher Gear from a Stop

A Ford F-150 Truck with a 4R100 transmission may experience a problem where it appears to be starting off slowly or pulling off in a higher gear. This may be especially noticeable on steep inclines that are common in Maryland. When the transmission is scanned, the codes that come up may be P0715, which is an insufficient input from the transmission speed sensor (TSS). There may also be a P0717 code, which is defined as an intermittent signal from the transmission speed sensor. This problem may be caused by a sticking solenoid regulator valve in the main control valve body. If this regulator valve sticks open, the fluid pressure that goes to the solenoid pack is cut off. When the shift selector is in the drive "D" position, this loss of pressure will force the transmission to take off in fourth gear.

The most likely cause is that the solenoid regulator valve is stuck with debris, which can be cleaned to free up the valve. This problem is often misdiagnosed as being a faulty solenoid pack, so it is advised to always check the regulator valve before replacing the solenoid pack. If there is no metal in the transmission pan, then this would probably be the way to go. If this valve cannot be unstuck, then the valve body may need to be replaced.